How We Differ

Unique in our approach, we partner with more than 75 congregations of different faiths and 1600 of their congregants to provide shelter, overnight staffing, breakfast, lunch and dinner to our families. The dedication and commitment of all these partners makes Family Promise of Morris County the most cost-effective shelter program in the community. This cost efficiency allows us to direct the majority of funding to the needs of our families and the operating model provides an opportunity for community participation that is not available in a traditional shelter setting. Our volunteers and their families open their congregations, schedules, wallets and their hearts to the families we serve.

At Family Promise of Morris County, we allow our families to stay with us for as long as they need to get back on their feet. For some that may be a couple of weeks; for others, six months or a year. Many traditional shelters have time limits that can force families to find other temporary shelter before accumulating enough resources or completing the necessary education and training to obtain gainful employment and independent housing. We want to ensure that families are well prepared and in a position to secure a permanent place in the community.