By Lori Wilson

Over the years, I have served as a volunteer for a variety of wonderful organizations. But with Family Promise of Morris County I found my calling & passion. As a volunteer, I have the opportunity to go beyond meeting families’ immediate physical needs by getting to know them, giving them encouragement, helping them in practical ways, and listening without judgment. As a congregational volunteer coordinator, I work with the compassionate and committed staff members from Family Promise of Morris County. My family and I also provide financial support to the agency without hesitation, due to my intimate knowledge of their operations and their phenomenal success rate! As a member of my congregation, I get to serve alongside fellow church members, acting on our faith by helping those in need and nurturing friendships with each other in the process. I am constantly humbled and reminded how quickly one’s fate can change by job loss, illness, disability, family dynamics, educational disadvantages, and other commonplace problems that can result in the homelessness of anyone….Having volunteered for Family Promise of Morris County for over 3 years and having gotten to know many families they serve, I can assure you that their stories are not that different from ours. It is tremendously satisfying to use my time, resources, and strengths to serve those who are less fortunate than I, treating them with dignity and compassion …the way I would wish to be treated if I were homeless.