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Our Success Helping Families

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In 2016, Family Promise of Morris County served 912 individuals, including more than 130 children. We are proud to provide ongoing support to some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

In our Emergency Shelter (ES) Program in 2016, we served 10 families and 3 single women, totaling 32 individuals, and provided 4,880 bed nights. ES has continued its great success rate throughout the years, which reflects the number of families who move out of shelter into homes of their own. In 2016, ES had a 80% success rate. Click here to view our 2016 ES statistics.

Our Community Support Programs (CSP) served 34 families, including 48 children and 17 single individuals and achieved a high success rate in 2016, helping families maintain their housing in the community. In 2016, CSP had a 98% success rate. Click here to view our 2016 CSP statistics.

We served 65 families, including 245 individuals, through our Holiday Program, providing food, gifts and resources that our families rely on throughout the year. Click here to view our 2016 statistics.

At the Our Promise Drop-in Center in Morristown, we served 667 individuals in 2016, providing critical services to the area’s chronically homeless population.

Emergency Shelter Program

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Family Promise of Morris County provides emergency shelter and meals 365 days a year through a network of over 70 houses of worship in Morris County. Families facing homelessness (up to 14 individuals at a time) stay at different congregations of all faiths each week where dedicated volunteers provide a safe and comfortable temporary home for our families including sleeping quarters and a place where guests can relax, socialize, do homework and watch television.

During the day, families may utilize our Day Center to meet with their case manager, access phones and computers, and use the shower and laundry facilities.

A coordinator at each congregation is responsible for scheduling volunteers to prepare meals, serve as evening and overnight hosts, coordinate activies, organize supplies and assist the families as needed. If you are interested in volunteering in the network, please contact us for more information.

Community Support Program

The Community Support Program (CSP) provides assistance to those who have successfully transitioned from shelter into their own homes.  CSP families receive in-home case management, 24-hour on call support/crisis intervention, financial literacy and debt reduction, mentoring programs, and in-kind support. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each family rather than trying to fit them into an existing mold. The main goal of this program is to keep families housed and together and to break the cycle of homelessness and generational poverty.

In 2012, CSP was expanded to include providing case management to families currently on our waiting list and those who have transitioned to permanent or transitional housing from other agencies. We are also working closely with other local non-profit organizations to connect their clients to additional community resources that they may need.

Our Promise

First Baptist Church of MorristownFamily Promise of Morris County has expanded! Building on the agency’s long history of serving homeless clients, we have partnered with the First Baptist Church of Morristown to start a new program serving the local homeless population in Morristown.

Officially named Our Promise, the program is based out of the basement of the church, staffed by professionals and provides the following services: phone and computer access, mailing address, restrooms, warming/cooling center, information and referral, linkage to medical and dental services, case management, systems advocacy and more.

Our Promise is currently open Monday to Friday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and can be reached by phone at 973-644-0100 or email at

We look forward to building local partnerships with our new neighbors and others who share our mission of helping the homeless.

Abigail House

Transitional Housing & Case Management Program

We are excited about this great partnership with Christ Church of Rockaway. Abigail House is our Transitional Housing and Case Management Program. The property consists of 5 spacious and fully-furnished apartments and space for our social work staff to provide case management services for our families.

Abigail-2Finding affordable housing in Morris County is just the first of many challenges homeless families face in becoming self-sufficient. Abigail House will allow us to provide safe, affordable and well-maintained apartments for our families in transition, making it possible for them to focus on education, employment, family stability, financial literacy and other critical milestones.

We are currently looking for individuals and organizations who would be interested in sponsoring the apartments and case management at Abigail House. Please contact Joann Bjornson, LSW, Executive Director, at or 973-998-0820 to learn more about how you can help support this exciting new program for our families.

Holiday Program

Easter Baskets 2012Our annual Holiday Program offers food, gifts and gift cards to help with clothing, gas and groceries for adults and children in dozens of families who are in shelter or have moved out of shelter into our Community Support Program.

We know how important the holidays are to every child in every family and we also know how costly they can be for parents.

Working with various community groups, we provide an annual Holiday party for current and past families and ensure that everyone receives gifts from their personal wish lists.

In 2013, we provided 53 families including 190 individuals, with holiday assistance, 113 of those individuals were children. This program allows families to save money, give their children a wonderful holiday season and have many essentials throughout the year.

Homelessness Education Program

Our Homelessness Education Program is an outreach service designed to educate the community about homelessness and the challenges faced by the families we serve and many others. This program emphasizes critical thinking skills, responsibility, prevention and education.

In 2013, we conducted 20 sessions through this program to volunteers and the community including high schools, civic groups, youth groups and congregations.

If you are interested in having us speak at an event or to a group, please contact us at 973-998-0820 or

Adopt-A-Family Program

While in shelter, many families participate in our Adopt-A-Family Program to work with specially selected Family Promise of Morris County volunteers. These volunteers mentor families in many areas, helping them build skills, resources and confidence. They may offer financial assistance and, most importantly, they build a relationship with the families that fosters their transition to self-sufficiency and long term independence.

If you are interested in adopting one of our families, please contact us at 973-998-0820 or

Connections Mentoring Program

Connections is a program that allows mentors to work with families and individuals to move from poverty to long-term self-sufficiency. The purpose of the program is to build a community-based, volunteer team of individuals to support people moving out of poverty.

For more information, please click here to view the brochure or contact us at 973-998-0820 or