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The Road Ahead: Greater Impact Than Ever

We believe housing is at the core of keeping community members healthy.

With this in mind, our Housing is Healthcare initiative, chosen as one of Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill’s 2023 Community Projects, will promote pathways to affordable housing AND healthcare via new and expanded partnerships in the areas of health, wellness, law enforcement, and housing.

Funds for the Housing is Healthcare initiative are federally regulated. While the project follows our low-barrier approach, these funds must be spent only for this project, with portions to be distributed to participating community partners.

This means the programs you know, love, and support continue making an impact, and the
critical funding to ensure their success remains an important focus

Through a “no wrong door,” accessible approach, paired with case management and access to NEW healthcare resources, families and individuals will experience better long-term health and economic outcomes, which protects and sustains housing! Safe housing then leads to positive health outcomes!

Family Promise of Morris County , manages programs that provide shelter, housing, and outreach which effectively lessen the burden on shelter systems, provide affordable, safe housing access, and connect households to community resources.

Homelessness can be a significant burden on the healthcare system and homeless individuals often face a wide range of health challenges. These challenges can be exacerbated by the lack of access to housing and healthcare services.

The Housing is Healthcare for Economic Development project will be a new project that addresses the housing and homelessness crisis in Morris County, NJ, by promoting pathways to affordable housing and operating a low-barrier approach to access vital health and social services.

Project Goals

  1. We will provide thorough needs assessments and referrals for housing, health, and social services for individuals and families identified as homeless and housing unstable, and with health needs. 

  2. We will provide outreach services. 

  3. A Housing Resource Navigator will locate housing for identified households with healthcare needs and maintain positive tenant/landlord relations. 

  4. We will create a network that will operate an integrated care approach to housing. 

  5. Our network will break down barriers to housing, healthcare, and community services. 

  6. We will prepare to participate in NJ Medicaid programs that pay for housing-related services which promote health and community integration. 

  7. We will contribute to the reduction of hospital stays and use of emergency department for non-urgent interventions for identified clients.


  1. Morris County Sheriff’s Department will provide mental health and recovery support and Naloxone access through Hope One, a mobile recovery access vehicle, and the Hope Hub, a network of providers and support organizations.

  2. Morris Habitat for Humanity will assess and modify homes for repairs, and accessibility for the aging, medically frail, and those with mobility limitations and disabilities. 

  3. Morris County Housing Authority will provide landlord incentives, relationship management, and housing vouchers for clients.

  4. NJ211  will provide clients and providers with 24/7 access to a collaborative information and referral service for social care resources. 

  5. Zufall Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center, will provide quality, affordable, and culturally competent integrated primary care, and access to affordable prescriptions, without regard to insurance status or ability to pay. 

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