Who We Are

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Our Mission

Family Promise of Morris County’s mission is to mobilize community resources and people to end the crisis of homelessness and housing instability faced by families and individuals by providing a continuum of services leading to independence.

Our Vision

Any Morris County resident facing the crisis of homelessness or housing instability will have access to clean and safe shelter and responsive and compassionate support that will provide a path to independence.​

Our Values

In everything we do, in every decision we make, Family Promise of Morris County will adhere to these values:


  1. The right to self-determination of the people we serve

  2. A non-judgmental attitude

  3. Family first, regardless of family status

  4. Empowerment vs. enabling

  5. Mutual respect and integrity

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our long-term, renewed commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has been, and continues to be a key focus area. Cultivating an inclusive and accessible community, wherein all voices and identities are valued is essential to our effectiveness as a community-based organization.  

Reflecting the experiences of those with lived expertise and further diversifying our board and staff remain at the forefront of our 2022 goals, which include: 

  • An intensive Diversity Audit 

  • Internal reviews 

  • Increased involvement from our guests and local/national leaders in this area 

  • Diversity training for staff 

How We Differ

Unique in our approach, we partner with more than 75 congregations of different faiths and 1,600 of their congregants to provide shelter, overnight staffing, breakfast, lunch and dinner to our families. The dedication and commitment of all these partners makes Family Promise of Morris County the most cost-effective shelter program in the community.


This cost efficiency allows us to direct the majority of funding to the needs of our families and the operating model provides an opportunity for community participation that is not available in a traditional shelter setting. Our volunteers and their families open their congregations, schedules, wallets and their hearts to the families we serve.

At Family Promise of Morris County, we allow our families to stay with us for as long as they need to get back on their feet. For some that may be a couple of weeks; for others, six months or a year. Many traditional shelters have time limits that can force families and individuals to find other temporary shelter before accumulating enough resources or completing the necessary education and training to obtain gainful employment and independent housing.


We want to ensure that those we serve are well prepared and in a position to secure a permanent place in the community.

Why It Works

A Large Network of Compassionate Volunteers


Family Promise has only 1/3 the operating costs of traditional shelters.


How can we spend less and do more? Family Promise has a small staff and relies on our volunteers who cook and serve meals, provide overnight shelter, share their stories and show our families dignity and respect.

This diverse network of more than 1,600 volunteers represents all faiths and backgrounds. What they share is the desire to make a different in the lives of families in crisis.