Our Impact

Last year, we witnessed a significant increase in need from newly affected populations. As those we serve endure the pandemic's long-lasting effects, the expansion of vital services provides a holistic approach toward improving our guest's housing, health, and economic outcomes for the long-term.


Through our programs, we provide shelter, outreach, case management, education, homelessness prevention and stabilization services to strengthen our community and transforming lives impacted by homelessness and housing insecurity. 


Nearly 1,000 guests were served through all programs, including 8,526 face-to-face contacts and 7,452 linkages and referrals made through our Outreach Programs and 42 households moved into permanent housing through our Housing Programs. 

New strategic partnerships were created throughout the community, expanding the scope of our services, including the ability to quickly and stably house families experiencing housing instability.


Last year, 100% of households in our Housing Programs successfully remained housed through intensive case management and community support.

To meet increased demand for housing support services, we expanded our Rapid Rehousing and Diversion programming to quickly and stably house families experiencing homelessness while ensuring others avoid the shelter system entirely. 22 households were served through Rapid Rehousing with a 100% success rate.


The heart and soul of our mission is achieved through our community’s support. With it, we mobilized more than 1,600 volunteers and 80 congregations to serve nearly 1,000 individuals.


91% of every dollar received,  directly supports children and their families facing homelessness.



of every $1 received directly supports children and their families 


of households retained housing


managed in-kind donations


linkages and referrals made

Impact Report


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No one ever thinks homelessness can happen to them. I certainly didn’t! But it can happen in the blink of an eye. No one is immune to this. We were financially secure and housed for years. It happens in an instant.


I may have lost a lot, but I gained an entire network of extended family members. I will spend the rest of my life making sure the entire world (or at least the Morris County-area) knows the magnitude of greatness that this organization is and provides.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! ️


- Stephanie Hoffman-Cooper