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"With Family Promise, I never had a problem I endured alone or that they couldn't help me solve. They are always there.


They kept their promise, their mission, and their love without judgment. For any emotional or physical problem, the first thing I've always heard was "what can I do to help?"

- Reem, Family Promise Guest

What you do is really, really amazing and critical for society to move forward. I mean it's absolutely saving lives.


I think I'm just so genuinely appreciative of not only the service you provide but how you do it. It's inspiring.

- Keys to Housing Landlord

The Housing Authority can attest that Family Promise is a valuable asset to Morris County and the families who are experiencing homelessness. 


As a close partner with Family Promise, we have served many low-income Morris County residents through the County’s TBRA Program and HUD’s Mainstream Voucher Program. Their case management team by far is the most superior that we have worked with, as they are extremely dedicated, client centered and resourceful. 


We look forward to many future collaborations with Family Promise and the opportunities this program would offer those in need.


- Kelly A. Stephens, CPM, PHM
Executive Director, Housing Authority County of Morris


“It’s such a stressful situation to not know where to go to find all the different types of help that would allow me to stay safe with my children.


Family Promise of Morris County knew and connected me to all the right people and programs that allowed my family to stay together.” 

-  Family Promise Guest

"There is no doubt that everyone that works or volunteers at Family Promise is really there because this is what they care about and what they want to do.


I honestly had never felt more overwhelmed being in a home for the first time, a stable home, with my children. Something that I never thought would happen."

- Jessica, Family Promise Guest

“All the staff that I came across at Family Promise and all the host volunteers have been helpful in getting me back on feet. I am so thankful for all the support and kindness. Now, I have another job and I am working again, which will help me in my goal to find a place I can call home.”

- Nancy, Family Promise Guest

Today, I was able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in such a long time, such as bake cookies, decorate my home for fall...It's things like this that I missed doing with my girls the most. 

We're truly blessed to have you on our team, and very thankful for the effort that each one of you put into helping me get and maintain a home for my girls. The smiles on their faces today really made me even more thankful, because I simply could not have done it without Family Promise. 

- Nicole, Family Promise Guest

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