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Nubia Gomez


Joann Bjornson, LSW

Chief Executive Officer

Allison Wise, LCSW

Chief Program Officer

Dominique Tornabe

Chief Impact Officer

Rebecca Butz, LCSW

Director of Outreach Programs

Laura Giorgi

Director of Housing Programs

Lana Ubinski, LSW

Director of Rapid Rehousing and Diversion

Nora Godown

Congregation Coordinator

Giselle Collazos, BSW

HUD Voucher Case Mgr.

Alejandra Bozzolasco

Promising Solutions Case Manager

Christina Pilkington

Outreach Programs Resource Navigator

Rebekah Thorpe, LSW

Navigating Hope Resource Navigator

Linda Diffley

Housing Resource Specialist, Grant Administrator

Savannah Voelbel, LSW

Emergency Shelter & Coordinated Entry Program Coordinator

Benet Seifter, LSW

Promising Solutions Program Coordinator

Lindsey Kahn, LSW

Community Support Program Case Manager

Vincent Calogero

AmeriCorps VISTA Member

Amanda Sears, LSW

Motel Shelter Case Manager

Francesca Lawrence

Rapid Rehousing Case Manager

Tania Novak

Rapid Rehousing Locator

Alacoque Morgan

Outreach Programs Resource Navigator

Diane Sudo

Director of Finance

Laurice Carbonell

Director of Operations

Wendy Miller

Office Manager

Anastasia Arvanites

Development and Community Relations Associate