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Rapid Rehousing and Diversion Program

Goal: Support families and individuals in securing and maintaining safe, stable, and affordable housing or avoiding the shelter system entirely.

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Rapid Rehousing (RRH)

RRH quickly connects families and individuals experiencing street homelessness, housing instability or living in the shelter system to safe, stable housing. Through low-barrier, time-sensitive interventions and individualized case management, RRH both decreases the length of time in shelter or on the streets and reduces the likelihood of a return to homelessness in the future.

Diversion (DIV)

DIV helps families that are unsheltered or facing imminent homelessness divert the shelter system entirely via alternative housing solutions. Through mediation, advocacy, and one-time financial assistance, Diversion keeps families housed in the immediate and provides intensive case management to craft sustainability plans for the long-term.​

In 2021, 38 individuals in 22 households were served through Rapid Rehousing with a 100% success rate.

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