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A Life-Changing Gift: Donor Awards New Laptop to Mom in Local Degree Program

Woman sits on a bench with a white laptop.
FP Guest Jonelle with her new laptop, courtesy of an anonymous donor.

Family Promise of Morris County guest Jonelle has many aspirations for her future. As a single mom, Jonelle’s primary focus is creating a better life for herself and her daughter in the long-term, particularly by pursuing higher education.

Fortunately, we have a wonderful donor who believes in supporting educational opportunities for Family Promise of Morris County guests like Jonelle.

Jonelle is currently enrolled in a local college's technical studies program, in addition to our Grow with Google Program, with a long-term goal to earn a degree in cyber security.

For over a year, Jonelle has been putting in extra hours at school to use the on-campus specialized computers for school assignments. Time spent away from her daughter and limited time to use the equipment has been challenging in a variety of ways.

One of Family Promise’s generous donors believes in Jonelle and wants to help ensure her family’s future housing stability. Which is why they gifted a brand new Dell computer to Jonelle, loaded with the unique programming and specifications her classes require!

Jonelle can now work on assignments at home, at her own pace, and at times convenient to her without the stress of working on borrowed time.

Jonelle was incredibly excited and grateful to receive the new computer, which will equip her throughout the remaining years of school.

Through many happy tears and thank you’s, Jonelle expressed that receiving the computer “is a life-altering game-changer”.

Not only will a specialized degree help her find adequate employment in her dream field, but having the tools necessary to succeed will empower her toward long-term housing stability and independence!

What a great reminder that something most households have, and feel is an ordinary part of life, is a remarkable and life-changing gift to a mom who is rebuilding her life.

Thank you to our special donor for believing in Jonelle and to our hard-working staff for supporting her long-term goals.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact this kind and thoughtful donation will have on Jonelle’s life!

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