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Chris' Story: The Power of Stable Housing

Man smiling in front of a hedge wall, wearing yellow.
Photo changed for guest confidentiality.

When Chris* first utilized Our Promise (OP) Drop-In Resource Center in October of 2022, he was nervous to get close to anyone.

Then he met Sophy, our Navigating Hope Resource Navigator, and everything changed.

Sophy and Chris connected right away. She helped him complete an intake form, allowing her to learn more about his situation, needs, and goals.

It came as a surprise: though this was Chris’ first time inside OP, he had been sleeping on the stairs of the First Baptist Church, where OP is located, for some time. He had only a thin tablecloth to keep him warm at night.

Our team quickly got to work searching for a warmer and safer space for him to sleep. Through the support of emergency funding, Chris was soon offered a six-month stay in a local hotel, where he could be safely sheltered.

Upon hearing the good news, he broke down in tears: “You will not regret this; I will not let you down!”

Despite the many hardships he faced, Chris continued working toward his goals and learned more about the resources available to him.

He soon gained access to health care and discovered strategies for taking care of his space and his own wellness. After not having a safe, stable space of his own for so long, this was an overwhelming and almost foreign task – self-care.

With his newfound tools and support system, Chris settled in for the remainder of his six-month approval, working diligently to find stable housing.

Then it happened: on the exact date he was meant to leave the hotel, Chris was approved for an Emergency Housing Voucher! He has since moved into a beautiful apartment overlooking a lake.

Engaging in hobbies or activities that bring us joy can be helpful in stressful times. For Chris, music does just that.

With this in mind, and to his surprise, an anonymous community member donated a keyboard and headphones for him. Now he can create music in his very own home!

When Chris walked through the doors of Our Promise last fall, he had no idea what to expect. With our staff’s support, he felt safe and cared for – that his dream of stable housing was actually obtainable.

Without stable housing, maintaining one’s health and wellbeing can be incredibly difficult, and vice versa. Having a safe space to call home and feeling cared for can make all the difference.

Chris’ newfound support system, including access to community resources, has truly been life changing, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next!

*Name and photograph changed for guest confidentiality

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