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A Time for Social Work and Justice

Did you know that Family Promise of Morris County has a team of Licensed Social Workers who provide vital support and case management to the families and individuals we serve?

Our social work team – and all team members – work to ensure equity and justice for all community members, no matter their family status, race, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or economic hardship.

Our role as a social services agency goes deeper than providing Shelter, Housing, and Outreach services; our team provides a holistic, individualized, and low-barrier approach to care management. It is crucial that access to our services is without barriers and that all voices and identities are valued and heard.

In a recent address from NASW National President Dr. Mildred “Mit” Joyner, she poignantly emphasized that “now is truly the time for social work.” Our agency firmly believes this to be true.

From a widespread regression of human rights, to worsening mental health and housing crises, to a looming recession, social workers—and all social service providers—must rise above to instill justice for all members of the community.

For some this might mean ensuring those we serve are registered to vote or educated on their rights, while for others it might mean ensuring access to proper healthcare, safe housing, or higher education, no matter a community member’s background or status.

Housing is a human right. As is access to basic necessities, like proper nutrition, transportation, and medical care.

In these precarious and rapidly changing times, social workers, human service providers, and community-based organizations possess the resources—and privilege—necessary to be a catalyst for social justice and instill equity for all.

Family Promise of Morris County will continue advocating for those we serve, and we urge all community members to do the same, not only for their own rights, but for others’ too.

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