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Luisa and Michael: A Family’s Journey Home

Parents holding their baby

On a bitterly cold day in early 2019, Luisa and Michael* stood in Our Promise Drop-In Resource Center with the few belongings they owned in a bag between them.

They were exhausted, cold, and feeling defeated. Luisa thought she might be pregnant and was terrified at the thought of staying outside in the cold.

Michael begged Luisa to take a spot in shelter as a single woman, but she refused to leave him. The couple held on tight to each other because they were all each other had.

Though many shelters only accept single women and children, or specifically only single men, Family Promise's Shelter Program works to keep families safely sheltered together.

After a few months of bouncing between short hotel placements, a shelter opening became available through Family Promise’s Shelter Program. This was perfect timing, as Luisa was soon confirmed to be pregnant!

Volunteers from our local Congregation partners rallied around the couple, making sure they had everything they needed to be comfortable. With their community by their side, Luisa and Michael soon felt ready for permanent housing and to start a new life together.

Within a few months of their shelter placement, a housing voucher opened through Family Promise’s Housing Program. With Luisa’s delivery date getting closer, this was their chance to move into a safe, stable home to raise their child.

Luisa and Michael were thrilled to move into a two-bedroom apartment. They began preparing their very own home for their new baby boy, Christopher, who was born later that fall. He was perfect and healthy in every way.

Like all young parents, Luisa and Michael faced challenges, yet they persevered toward their goals. Michael began working at a local laundromat and the family diligently saved his earnings in hopes of buying a car.

Transportation can truly make a difference for a family working toward long-term stability -- it can help create a new level of independence.

After saving for nearly three years, they finally had enough to purchase a car. This was an incredible exciting achievement. The car was older and not in great condition, but it meant Luisa could find employment and drive Christopher to preschool.

Unfortunately, just two months later, the car broke down, and the repairs were out of their budget. Luisa and Michael were devastated by this setback.

A Honda CRV parked in a parking lot

Recently, a generous community member donated a car to be used by one of the families in our programs.

Our team quickly identified Luisa and Michael as the recipients!

When Luisa and Michael were notified about their new car, they were relieved and hopeful once again. Happy tears were shed as they expressed their gratitude.

This life-changing gift will help them continue their journey toward long-term housing stability! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this hardworking family!

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