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Community Spotlight: Putnam Associates

Our September Community Spotlight will highlight a passionate group of young professionals who recently completed a volunteer project at our Day Center.

Recently, small group of volunteers from Putnam Associates, a healthcare consulting firm in Manhattan, completed a Done-in-a-Day service project at our Day Center.

This enthusiastic group of (mostly) recent-college-grads-turned-professionals completed gardening work and a series of organizational projects while engaging in meaningful conversation.

After learning about our programs for those experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity, they were eager to give back. A conversational theme throughout the day was how wonderful it felt to do something for others.

Years of school can perpetuate a mindset of extrinsic motivation, geared toward college applications or building a successful career. This can cause us to associate volunteer work with checking a box, rather than as a rewarding experience.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. For today’s generation, especially, giving back can mean much more. From issues of social justice, to simply wanting to make a difference, acts of service can inspire change within their own communities.

For the Putnam team, engaging in a meaningful act of service of their own accord was truly refreshing.

After years of working toward their educational and professional goals, the chance to volunteer and give back simply because they wanted to was an eye-opening experience.

This group of young volunteers looks forward to finding other ways to support those in need, both here in Morris County and in the community where they work.

We are so grateful, not only for their support, but for their willingness to engage in such thoughtful conversation about what it means to give back!

Are you a Young Professional Looking to Make an Impact in Morris County?

Join our Young Professionals Committee, which is set to launch in early 2023! Keep an eye out for more info on this exciting opportunity, coming soon, or email to be put on our mailing list.

You can also visit to learn how you can make an impact today. No matter your age, experience level, or skillset, there are a variety of opportunities to get involved!

About Putnam Associates:

Putnam Associate’s mission is to help life sciences companies make better decisions. Founded over 30 years ago, with the idea of bringing classical strategy consulting disciplines to product, franchise, and business unit decisions, Putnam helps a roster of leading life sciences companies identify and classify opportunity, and build impactful strategies to pursue it with valuable, clearly articulated, data driven insights.


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