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Community Spotlight: Your Impact in Action

Our first Community Spotlight of the year will highlight the volunteers that helped make our mission possible in 2022.

A large group of teenagers and adults stand in front of a building. They have a wheelbarrow and gardening tools in hand.
Ridge High School Student Volunteers

What a wonderful and generous community we have in Morris County!

In 2022, Family Promise of Morris County received selfless and thoughtful volunteerism from well over 1,000 community members who dedicated over 2,500 hours of their time.

A man wearing a backwards baseball hat, white shirt and tan shorts stands next to a picnic table with a paintbrush. The table is partially painted green. He is on a patio outside.
PBF Energy DIAD Volunteer

They are a creative and generous bunch who chose to serve with us by cooking meals, making quilts, throwing parties, collecting food and needed items, making deliveries, assembling a variety of kits, cutting hair, organizing, cleaning, landscaping, supporting guest move-ins, assembling furniture, helping at events, and so much more. The list goes on!

These actions of kindness, small and large alike, helped those we serve feel welcomed and cared for as they found a permanent space within our community.

It’s a great feeling, knowing that as we work toward our mission, we have a community of supporters by our side.

There is an entire community within Morris County and beyond consistently asking, “What else do you need? What else can we do? What else do you need help with?”

A woman stands in a kitchen with a hair dryer and brush in her hand while doing another woman's hair.
Trish Voelbel Gives Haircuts to Promising Solutions

They are there for the families and individuals we serve, waiting to be called upon, to jump in and make a difference in our community. We truly could not do it without them!

We wish we could highlight each and every one of our wonderful volunteers this month. But make sure to keep an eye out for future monthly Community Spotlights on our blog, where we'll be celebrating a variety of organizations, volunteers, and community groups throughout the year!

A boy stands behind two sitting girls outside. They are wearing yellow t-shirts and are behind a table, under a tent, outside.
Homebound Hustle 5K Volunteers

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Morris County?

Click here to learn how you can make a lasting impact in 2023 and beyond!

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